Monday, 26 March 2012

Free Desktop Pictures of Windhoek, Namibia

I have been taking photos of various things for quite a few years now and realized that I couldn't find any desktop pictures of Namibia. So I'm adding some of my own photos here to share with you of Windhoek, Namibia that can be used as desktop pictures.

This first set of pictures is of the very beautiful and unique Namibian sunsets. Among many other things, Namibia is known for having some of the most beautiful sunsets, mainly because of the dry air in the country caused by the heat.

Here are also some pics of Windhoek city. Some are Black & White Photography while others are bright colour, again showing the beautiful Namibian sunset.

And then for a bit of an abstract shot and a typical Namibian scene. The abstract one is a shot of some people walking down a street in Khomasdal at night, while the picture of the Ostrich was taken on the way to Heja Lodge.

I hope you enjoy these pictures of Windhoek, Namibia, some of them being not quite the usual stuff photographed in Windhoek, but certainly scenes one sees every day if you live in Windhoek.

Hope you enjoy.

Shishani - Windhoek: LYRICS
Grew up in a place that is famous for the sun
All year around
All years later, I'm surprised of all the rain
That's fallen down
It's so green out here, streams of water covering the streets
Now we've got drive around all the holes in the ground

If you still down know which town I'm singing about;
Well it's Windhoek

City where the sunlight awakes you
And nature just takes you
All around Windhoek
Where butterflies light up the sky
Like the stars do at night
All around Windhoek

When I walk in town I see people wonderin';
Where's she coming from?
With my pink necklacess I'm out and proud
I say I'm Oshiwambo
They don't believe me, think I'm crazy
I'm a tourist in this town
But I don't care, now matter where you're from
You feel where you belong


Whether you're

Nama/Damara, German, Afrikaner, San-Bushman or a Coloured one
Herero, Ovambo, Ovahimba from Kaoko
Tswana, Caprivian or Kavango
Angolan, American, Zimbabwean, South-African
Coming from Congo, Spain or the Netherlands
if you weren't listed in one of the above,
you don't have to worry just SPREAD LOVE
in Windhoek!!!

Windhoek-a 4x

Saturday, 17 March 2012

How do I love my son, let me count the ways.

Each and everyday I'm amazed
how my love for my son grows
with each new milestone,
it seems my heart constantly overflows.
Those enchanting blue eyes
that turn grey when there's a storm
his passionate soul shines through
and my heart can't help but feel warm.
I can't believe I've been blessed
with an angel so beautiful and sweet
I never knew it could be so magical
to be a mother is such a treat.
My darling boy Danté
he is my greatest treasure
just to smell his sweet smell
brings me such immense pleasure.
When he falls asleep in my arms
and sighs little Danté sighs
Oh, it warms my heart so
it brings happy tears to my eyes.
Sometimes it seems
that my heart can't contain
all this love just for him
like a sugary, golden chain.
My sweet boy, my sweet love
I hope you will always know
that your Mommy loves you so much
more than any words could ever show
I wish for you love and joy
and that you know yourself well
that with everything you try
may you always excel.
May you always know grace
giving as much love as you receive
and when things may seem bleak
remember my son, in you, I believe.
*When my beautiful Danté was born by emergency caesarian after almost 24hours of labor, I only got to see him the next day. When the nurse finally handed him to me, I though "Wow, this baby is so beautiful, they must have made a mistake. This must be someone else's baby." But sure enough, that beautiful, perfect little boy was actually my son. When I realized that, the song "First time ever I saw your face" by Celine Dion played in my head, so now, when ever I hear that song, all I see is my beautiful boys face.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Another Wish Board

So this is a short post just to share my new vision board that I'm adding to my previous three wish boards.

I finally found and edited (basically, Photoshopped) the images I wanted for the wish board for my business. There are many aspects of my business that I wanted to put on my wish board, but decided to focus more on what it would look like.
Seeing as the "Law of Attraction" or "The Secret" talks about visualization.

Doing this wish board has me feeling so excited, motivated and happy. I guess that's part of the purpose of a wish board, so I must be doing something right.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Most Amazing Freinds

I was never one to have much friends. Acquaintances yes, but as for real friends, not really. I've always been very fussy about who I allow in, as my Dad always told me, don't let your friends choose you, you should choose your friends.
Well, I'm glad to say that the friends I have now are the two most amazing and wonderful ladies I could have been blessed with.
I don't regret choosing them as my friends for a second and I'm glad they were my maid of honor and bridesmaid at my wedding. I couldn't have made a better choice.

They are the kind of friends that have been there for me through the good, the bad and the ugly. While I had money and when I was broke. In my crazy partying days and when I became a mother. The people I would give my life for can be counted on one hand, they are among those people, along with my son and my husband.

Stiletto Ash (Ashante) and Rockin' Robyn

I would wish that everyone can find people in their lives that are as wonderful friends to them as these two ladies have been to me.

So in honor of Robyn and Ashante I dedicate the song "Just the way you are" by Bruno Mars to them.

I hope that I am and will always be a great friend to them to. I hope that one day I can do something really big for them, like take them on a week long cruise around the world or buy them a car or something.

I love you ladies so very much. Thank you for gracing me with your friendship!!

Monday, 27 February 2012

My Wish Boards (Yes, more than one.)

I have been working on my wish boards for a while now and only have three done so far. Usually when people do wish boards (at least most of what I've seen) they normally put all wishes onto one board.
Well, call me greedy if you want (such is the nature of a Leo), but there is so much that I want, I just had to make a wish board for each "category" of my life.

So far, the one's I've completed is for my home, money and love life.
My wish board for my dream home.
My wish board for more money. We all want it, why not be honest about it.
Aah, love, passion, teamwork - that's what love is all about; so is my man.

I still plan to do more wish-boards for my cars (yes, more than one too.) for pets/animals, as well as for holidays/travel, social life, health and my business.

Please feel free to tell me if there is any part of "life" I may be missing out of my list. Sometimes when thinking about all the things we want, we may forget about the things we need.

Also, to make it feel more real, I've Photoshopped pictures of myself, my husband and son into some of them.
It really makes it feel more like "my life".
My dream Dining Room, ultra modern with a vintage touch.
My dream Family Entertainment Room, ultra modern with a vintage touch.
 Now that I have these wish boards done, my husband and I use them as desktop pictures on our computers. By keeping them all in one file, we can set them to change on our desktops every 5, 10 or 30 minutes. It's a great way of keeping one's wishes front of mind as a constant reminder as to what we're working towards.

Please share your experiences with making a wish board (or boardS) and what sort of "categories" you have. Let's inspire each other.

Love, light & blessings to all.

What is "Creativity"?

Creativity is the paradoxical integration of doing and being. It is the assimilation and integration of polarities to find new directions, new solutions, a fresh viewpoint. It is an adventure into the unknown.

In my specific case, creativity also has a great deal to do with the natural human love of aesthetics (Concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty; of pleasing appearance.)

I'm driven by having all things beautiful around me and creating beauty for others; and even better if that beauty can be geared with specific meaning and intent.

So often I hear people saying to me "you are so creative, what you do is so amazing, you are lucky to be so gifted."
The truth is, yes, in part, it is a gift, however, it is not nearly as easy and does not flow as easily as most people may think. Creativity and the exercise of being consistently creative is actually something that requires a great deal of hard work and introspection. 
Creativity is about diverging from familiar patterns and converging on new solutions. It's about knowing the laws so as to break them, to remake them. Creative people make hard decisions about what to include and what to eliminate. Creative people innovate, aiming toward newness.

To do this, a clear mind that is open to intuitive insights while not loosing sight of the end goal, as well as being aware of the rules, is required. It is about knowing oneself completely; the good, the bad and the ugly - and then embracing all of this and knowing the place and reason of each within yourself. This is a constant journey as life has a way of always shining a new light on new elements of yourself. Constantly growing and discovering the intricate depths and fascinating revelations of all the wonders that makes you who you are.

Creativity is a gateway to self exploration and the resulting expression of what you find there. It is one of the hardest and yet fulfilling disciplines one can venture into.

This is where I find myself daily and this is who I am. Creative Carmen.