Monday, 26 March 2012

Free Desktop Pictures of Windhoek, Namibia

I have been taking photos of various things for quite a few years now and realized that I couldn't find any desktop pictures of Namibia. So I'm adding some of my own photos here to share with you of Windhoek, Namibia that can be used as desktop pictures.

This first set of pictures is of the very beautiful and unique Namibian sunsets. Among many other things, Namibia is known for having some of the most beautiful sunsets, mainly because of the dry air in the country caused by the heat.

Here are also some pics of Windhoek city. Some are Black & White Photography while others are bright colour, again showing the beautiful Namibian sunset.

And then for a bit of an abstract shot and a typical Namibian scene. The abstract one is a shot of some people walking down a street in Khomasdal at night, while the picture of the Ostrich was taken on the way to Heja Lodge.

I hope you enjoy these pictures of Windhoek, Namibia, some of them being not quite the usual stuff photographed in Windhoek, but certainly scenes one sees every day if you live in Windhoek.

Hope you enjoy.

Shishani - Windhoek: LYRICS
Grew up in a place that is famous for the sun
All year around
All years later, I'm surprised of all the rain
That's fallen down
It's so green out here, streams of water covering the streets
Now we've got drive around all the holes in the ground

If you still down know which town I'm singing about;
Well it's Windhoek

City where the sunlight awakes you
And nature just takes you
All around Windhoek
Where butterflies light up the sky
Like the stars do at night
All around Windhoek

When I walk in town I see people wonderin';
Where's she coming from?
With my pink necklacess I'm out and proud
I say I'm Oshiwambo
They don't believe me, think I'm crazy
I'm a tourist in this town
But I don't care, now matter where you're from
You feel where you belong


Whether you're

Nama/Damara, German, Afrikaner, San-Bushman or a Coloured one
Herero, Ovambo, Ovahimba from Kaoko
Tswana, Caprivian or Kavango
Angolan, American, Zimbabwean, South-African
Coming from Congo, Spain or the Netherlands
if you weren't listed in one of the above,
you don't have to worry just SPREAD LOVE
in Windhoek!!!

Windhoek-a 4x

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